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Part I: Peace and Cultivation Details
Part II: Fun and Fitness Details
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Every year we host a Shaolin Retreat Camping Experience for a few days as a means to offer Shaolin wisdom, culture, training, and fun to the public including children, families, and the elderly. It is also a great way for our Shaolin communities from Markham, Laurentides, and downtown Toronto schools to be together.

This year we are pleased to announce again our 7th annual Shaolin Retreat experience at the Warsaw Caves. The retreat and its activities including meditation, qi gong, and kung fu martial arts are lead by 35th Generation Shaolin Disciples of Master Shi Guo Song.

With great group camping sites, natural underground cave formations, convenient warm showers and washroom, and only a couple hours away from Toronto, this is an ideal place to host the retreat. All activities, training, and camping are included in our very low price!

Part I Peace and Cultivation: July 4-6, 2018 (Wednesday to Friday)
Fee: $100 per adult
Part II Fun and Fitness: July 6-8, 2018 (Friday to Sunday)
Fee: $125 per adult, $50 per child, $300 family up to 4
Where: Warsaw Caves (near Peterborough)

Relaxation for the Mind and Soul


Today’s society is fast paced and demanding, causing daily stress and worries. By attending Part I: Peace and Cultivation you’ll have the opportunity to spend quiet time alone and in a group to cultivate and understand yourself better. Silent sitting meditation is key – no distractions, just you with your thoughts. You’ll learn to focus and concentrate and be in more control of your conscious thinking. Guided meditation sessions are lead by Shi Chang Dao and includes light calisthenics and Ba Duan Jin qi gong.

Learn and Practice Shaolin Chan Philosophy


Shaolin Ch’an is an ancient philosophy by Bodhidarma also known as Tamo or Damo. It is based on the Dharma and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the originator of Buddhism over 2500 years ago. Ch’an teachings show us how to simplify our lives, understand ourselves better, and see the ever changing world in a completely different way, all by peeling layers of perceptions that we bury ourselves in as we experience life. In Part I: Peace and Cultivation, you’ll partake in learning some of these Ch’an teachings, apply it in your life through guided exercises, and reflect upon the reintegration with your daily life.

No Kung Fu Experience Needed! Beginners are Welcome


The Shaolin Retreat Weekend will be one of fun and fitness as participants will enjoy a kung fu program in nature that is catered to them. Choose from a variety of classes such as:

o Sunrise qi gong in the mornings
o Gentle kung fu (soft exercise suitable for seniors, parents, and even the most experienced kung fu students)
o Shaolin kung fu level 1 (slower pace for parents, beginners, and those prefer a lighter workout)
o Shaolin kung fu level 2 (faster pace and longer for those who want a serious workout)
o Shaolin kids kung fu for all kids with and without experience

We will also have programs for children to keep them busy so that parents can participate in the classes.

Our kung fu sessions are lead by experienced instructors who are Shaolin disciples of Master Shi Guo Song. Children, seniors, and mixed experience levels train in the spirit of Shaolin together. It is all in good fun and exercise! You’ll experience stretching, Shaolin foundation drills, and taolu hand forms. We also run a Gentle Kung Fu class at the same time and is suitable for seniors as well.

Sunrise Qi Gong


Nourish yourself in the morning as the sun rises by learning and practicing Ba Duan Jin qi gong. You’ll learn to take in more oxygen as you relax mentally and physically in the natural environment. Session are lead by Shi Chang Dao where practitioners of mixed levels practice together.

Fun For the Family!


It is an exciting time for the family! Apart from being a very affordable family vacation, this experience will give you the opportunity as a family to explore the underground caves, practice kung fu, explore nature, help out, and camp.

Ways to Get There Including Car Pooling


We’ll arrange car pooling from each of the schools. For those who wish to take a Greyhound bus (about $20) we can pick you up from Peterborough and bring you to the camp site.


A quiet and relaxing experience for adults only. Daily programs include several meditation sessions, Ch’an philosophy, and qi gong.

For 3 days at this Shaolin Retreat you will have the opportunity to relax and de-stress your mind, to detach yourself from the everyday problems and stresses of life, so that you can focus on yourself. Each day is an early start with fresh fruits for breakfast. You will participate in several meditation sessions, Ch’an philosophy discussions, calisthenics, and qi gong. Meditation sessions can include silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, silent contemplation/reflection, and light calisthenics. From morning until early afternoon all participants are expected to keep talking to a minimum. Duties for cleaning and will be shared among the participants.

What is Shaolin Ch’an About? The philosophy of Shaolin Ch’an encourages us to understand ourselves as a means to gain wisdom and insight beyond our own existence and into the world and environment we live in.


A fun and relaxing weekend for adults and children. Daily programs include kung fu fitness, qi gong, hiking / caving, and other sports and games. No experience is necessary!

The ancient 1,500 year tradition of Shaolin fosters fitness for both the mind and body. This segment of the Shaolin Retreat encourages fun and participation in qi gong, kung fu, and other organized activities for individuals, families, and children.

Duties for cleaning will be shared among the participants. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted on site.


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22nd Canadian National Kung Fu Championship 2011

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Times Square Richmond Hill 2011

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