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For 1500 years the human society lived in complete harmony in a village called Shaolin Tai Ji (means the Ultimate Shaolin). People’s desires were simple and everyone contributed equally to society through their Clan’s purpose. The Virtuous Clans were named the Regulator, Lumin, Guidan, Perfector, Warrior, and Beneloven Clan.

An administrative council named COAN (Council of One and None) was formed from a Shīfu of each of the Clans. Their leader was Grand Shīfu Song and together they made sure everything ran smoothly.

But one day things went wrong and The Six Virtues of Shaolin Way comprising of Respect, Focus, Leadership, Strive, Perseverance and Compassion were reversed in people’s minds. Instead it became The Six Vices of Contempt, Scatter, Tyranny, Laziness, Complacency, and Materialism. People turned into monsters and slaves to their own desires. These monsters became known as the Vexspawns.

The world went into chaos. COAN was disbanded, Grand Shīfu Song disappeared, and the people of Shaolin Tai Ji fell into greed and great suffering. A new throne was resurrected and there sat Lord Sufferon, the evil ruler of the Vexspawns and source of suffering in the world. At his right hand was Grand Shīfu Hei, the one who helped Lord Sufferon rise to power or so the legends say.

For a while it seemed the people of Shaolin Tai Ji were doomed forever. However not all was lost and there was a glimmer of hope. For whatever reason some were immune to Lord Sufferon’s madness. They escaped to a distant land in the mountains where they created a new village named Shaolin Xīn.

One day their Shaolin Way will manifest as one to defeat Lord Sufferon and reclaim Shaolin Tai Ji…

2014 T2 Summer Term Story and Goals

Term Story Congratulations for completing the 2014 T1 Spring Term successfully and defending the village from the vexspawn invasion! You have unlocked time tokens. Time tokens are earned each class and you can use them to go on missions,... Read More »
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Our Village is Safe! | 2014T1

Our Village is Safe! Shaolin Way Press 2014T1 Spring (April) Late last night a patrol team lead by Xavier spotted a wave of vexspawns approaching from the east. Reporting back to the COAN Council quickly, Grand Shi Fu Dao... Read More »
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Vexspawn Sighted! 2014T1

2014T1 March Break Shaolin Way Press Reporter: Bao Zhi Brave adventurers took on a D Rank mission and explored the area just north of the Shaolin Xin village. It was a relaxing adventure on a bright sunny day when... Read More »
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Warrior Games Photo Blog!

Synopsis: The Shaolin Way Universe is a world in which the people are attempting to reclaim their harmonious city of Shaolin Taiji, in an ongoing saga to free the world from Lord Sufferon’s evil. In Shaolin Kids classes this... Read More »
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Warrior Games Declared!

The Warrior Clan is hosting its very first Warrior Games on: Wednesday, February 19th and Saturday, February 22nd during Shaolin Kids class The location of the games will be at the COAN Council grounds of STQI Toronto school. The... Read More »
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2014 T1 Spring Term Story and Goals

Term Story The humans are nearing the completion of its village Shaolin Xīn. The Virtuous Clan Halls have been rebuilt although the clans are not as developed and skilled as they once were. This Term, the Shaolin Kids are... Read More »
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