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Shaolin School Unveiling at the Fall Open House Photo Blog

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The open house event yesterday is our way of sharing traditional Shaolin to the public. It is a free event which we offer at the beginning of each term (next one will be early January!).

Students of STQI Downtown Toronto school worked hard for two weeks to renovate the space and open new grounds for training. The new wood grained mats were put down late evening the night before the open house and we are pleased and excited to share photos of our space.


The morning started off with lots of children who had a lot of fun learning Shaolin kung fu martial arts. Assistant Instructor Steve lead them through the stretching exercises while Christina helped out with registration.


We also had a great turnout for Shaolin Qi Gong and Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu!



New potentials tried out traditional Shaolin kung fu as they experienced first hand the tough common drills.


Master David Ko taught the Wing Chun class which nicely went into overtime as beginners learned the basic drills and philosophy behind the effectiveness of Wing Chun.