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Mid-Autumn Festival 2012 (1)

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Hundreds of people turned up at the Shaolin Mid-Autumn Festival on Saturday, September 29th!  Master Shi Guo Song is talking about his vision for Shaolin in Markham and Canada, to spread its famous Shaolin Kung Fu and cultural programs for everyone including children and seniors, as well as thanking everyone for their continued and growing support.

We were honoured by the presence of various authorities in the lighting of the lotus flower.  The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important events of the year for the Chinese and Asian cultures.  From left to right, we have Raymond Lau, Master Shi Guo Song, Dr. Ken Ng, Alan Ho (Ward 6 Councillor or Markham), Gordon Landon (regional Councillor of Markham), and Logan Kanapathi (Ward 7 Councillor of Markham).

Here we have guests trying Shaolin Ba Duan Jin qi gong, an energy exercise to experience Qi and learn to move it around one’s body to achieve great health benefits.  Instructor Shi Chang Dao from the downtown school is guiding the guests through the third of eight movements.

Here the Shaolin kids are performing traditional Wu Bu Quan on stage, a famous famous taolu (form) of Shaolin Kung Fu.  Since they are all here to have fun, they were motivated to participate in this optional demonstration to earn points that they could redeem for prizes later!

Here are some of the students from the downtown Toronto school. Shi Chang Dao personally thanks everyone for making the effort to come out to Markham and supporting SLT.

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