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Shaolin Meditation and Ch’an Philosophy Workshop Finding Peace Through Perceptions | Sunday, June 7th at 6pm

What: Shaolin Meditation & Ch’an Philosophy Workshop with Emphasis on Understanding and Managing Your Perceptions
When: Sunday, June 7th from 6pm to 9pm
Where: STQI Downtown Toronto School at 393 Dundas Street West, 2nd Floor, M5T 1G6
Fee: By Donation (pay what you can)
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This Shaolin Meditation & Ch’an Philosophy workshop is a 3 hour practice of peacefulness through the ancient traditional Shaolin methods of sitting meditation and philosophy application. Our world is very complicated with often conflicting ideas. How do we achieve clarity in thought so we can see things for what they really are? By understanding and simplifying our perceptions we can achieve a better understanding of ourselves. This is the path of finding peace in the heart.

In this workshop we relax and quiet our minds though sitting meditation We then explore our own minds, to challenge our own interpretation of the world around us, and to evolve our model of thought through simplification of ideas so that we can empower ourselves to make decisions confidently and find peace in even conflicting viewpoints.

There will be several guided meditation sessions of around 20-30min each including silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, and light calisthenics followed by philosophy discussion. We will explore the core philosophy of Shaolin, the four noble truths, and a bit of history. We will apply and translate the teachings to the ‘real world’ of today, all without any complicated or Sanskrit words. No prior experience is required!

Why Meditation is Important

Our minds quickly become ‘scattered’ when we are constantly bombarded with stress and issues or problems related to family, health, relationships, workplace, financial, clients, etc. Then we learn and accept new ideas as fact that often times conflict logically. Pretty soon we become confused about what’s important and what makes sense. Worrying about so many things all the time expends energy and we become tired, weak, and even sick. Silent meditation means making it a priority to give your mind a rest and to focus on yourself. This gives you the opportunity to detach yourself from everyday life and issues, peel away the perceptual layers of your thoughts, and gain insight into understanding yourself and your inner core.

The Shaolin Meditation System

Shaolin has a 1,500 year old tradition and meditation is a very important aspect of Shaolin culture and life, even more so than martial arts. What makes Shaolin meditation unique is in its design to minimize distractions of daily life through silent practice. It is believed that this method provides a strong foundation for you to understand yourself and also pave a way to enlightenment.

Your Teacher Shi Chang Dao

Shi Chang Dao is a 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple and has received teachings and guidance from Master Shi Guo Song on various philosophies including Shaolin Ch’an, Taoism, and Confucianism. He has been conducting meditation classes and philosophy teachings since January of 2012. His background also includes studies of religions such as Catholicism. The philosophy he teaches are a result of his experience of application of these ideas to day-to-day life as a Canadian. As a result he is able to translate often complex and confusing ideas into simple and easy to apply methodologies. His philosophy is to help people become strong and independent through self discovery and core realization.


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