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Shaolin Kung Fu Tea Ceremony | Sunday, March 15

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What: Shaolin Kung Fu Tea Ceremony
Who: Anyone with interest in the art of Shaolin tea consumption
When: Sunday, March 15th, 2015 and your choice of 1 hour time slot every hour between 10am to 4pm
Where: Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute, 198 Spadina Ave (basement), M5T 2C2
Fee: FREE with $20 minimum tea purchase

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All Chinese tea comes from a plant named camelia sinensis. Legend has it that tea originated in China over 5,000 years ago when a tea leaf just happened to fall into the Emperor’s cup of hot tea. After tasting it, the Emperor was surprised by the pleasant taste and alertness it gave him. His kingdom began harvesting the tea leaves for regular consumption. For a while, only the wealthy could enjoy the taste and benefits of tea due to the expense of harvesting and production, but today anyone can enjoy the finest teas available and benefit from natural anti-aging and soft caffeine properties.

Come experience this traditional art of tea preparation and consumption and learn about various teas, their health benefits, and how to enjoy them. You’ll also learn how to distinguish the differences between high and low quality teas.

Quality Chinese teas when prepared properly not only taste great but also offer benefits such as weight loss through oil emulsification, anti-oxidation, increased alertness with ‘softer’ caffeine, mouth and teeth cleansing, elimination of bad breath, and improved functioning of the digestive system.

Compared to coffee, tea makes you feel great without having the adverse effects of anxiety, headaches, and bad breath. Additionally for those who regularly take sugar, milk, and/or cream with coffee, you’ll have a new reason to drop the unnecessary calories!

When you participate in a tea ceremony, you will have the opportunity to try and learn about various types of teas including green tea, ooling tea, scented tea, and compressed tea. You’ll be able to try different grades, learn to appreciate them, and understand the benefits that each has to offer.

It is customary for the server to also share his/her knowledge about teas, its tea culture, the Chinese culture, and tea production processes. You’ll be able to get a firm understanding of how we control quality throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes.

A tea set and accessories are recommend but not required. You’ll be able to learn and employ quick and convenient methods of making tea for on the go or at the office.

Please click here for the online registration form