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Shaolin Class Photo Blog for 2014 December

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Shaolin Classes Photo Blog

The Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu class participation is growing as recent newcomers George and Carmen join the martial arts classes.

For those unfamiliar, the Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts classes are a great workout without as much stress on the ankles and knees while focusing more on balance and control.  Students taking qi gong also learn to relax and apply internal energy to kung fu movements in this class.

All the foundation kicks are done at a slower pace making it challenging in different ways for both beginners and advanced students while opening the doors for seniors and those with disabilities to have fun and getting fit.

Meanwhile Shaolin kids classes are also growing as kids become stronger!  With the introduction of the Shaolin Way Achievement Cards the children and adults have a fairly objective way of measuring progress in various skills and flexibility.

We can now even measure progress in focus through silent sitting meditation exercises!

Here we have our first ensemble as er hu and dizi flute students come together to practice in preparation for the term party!  Though still beginners they are sounding great together.

This week we finish our photo blog with our regular Shaolin kung fu students as they continue to improve their Shaolin foundation.