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Sanda Chinese Boxing Workshop | Sunday, November 30th at 7pm

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What: Sanda Chinese Boxing Workshop
Who: Male or females with no experience to average experience in Sanda Chinese Boxing
When: Sunday, November 30th from 7pm to 9pm
Where: STQI Downtown Toronto School at 198 Spadina Avenue, M5T 2C2
Fee: $25+HST for Public, $20 for STQI Students and Members

In this workshop you will train in the art of Chinese Sanda Boxing using the ancient methods of traditional Shaolin kung fu martial arts. You will learn Sanda self defence and attack philosophy, breathing, and techniques. At the end of the class you can wear Sanda gear and try an actual Sanda match with optional levels of light to medium contact.

This Sanda Workshop Includes

  • Sanda warm up drills
  • Stretching
  • Sanda Foundation drills
  • Shaolin Foundation drills
  • Hand and leg conditioning drills
  • Light punching, kicking, wresting, and take down sparring
  • Optional light-to-heavy sparring or simulated matches

This workshop is for people with any skill level including beginners with little or no experience in the sport of Chinese Boxing.

What is Sanda / Chinese Boxing?

Sanda or Sanshou “unsanctioned fight” is known today as a combat sport involving striking, wrestling, and throws. Sanda competitions typically have two 2-minute rounds and competitors earn points for their ability to land punches and kicks as well as execute throws. “Critical strikes” to the back of the head, backside, and groin are illegal as well as elbow and knee strikes. Competitors wear protective head, body, leg, and hand gear.

Watch a Sample Sanda Class

Your Teacher Shi Chang Dao

Shi Chang Dao is a 35th Generation Shaolin Disciple and has received teachings and guidance from Master Shi Guo Song in traditional Shaolin martial arts kung fu and Sanda Chinese Boxing. He has been conducting martial arts classes and philosophy teachings since January of 2012.


Workshop Registration

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