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Results from the First STQI Grading Exams Ceremony

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Above: Izab and her son Raphael kicks of the ceremonies with a fine Wu Bu Quan performance for Shi Fu Guo Song.

The downtown Toronto school of STQI had its first formal grading exams in May, setting the standards for future students. The grading exams was developed from the ground up and has a unique approach to assessing one’s competence through foundation testing, knowledge testing, and forms testing. Its goal is to determine one’s skill level against the various levels of standards of traditional Shaolin in Canada as set forth by Master Shi Guo Song and his disciples, Shi Chang Chuan and Shi Chang Dao.

Above: Shi Fu Guo Song sharing his wisdom and philosophy on Shaolin lifestyle in all aspects of life

What makes the STQI Grading Exams even more unique is that it is optional for the students of STQI. In otherwords, there is no limit to the learning and growth of any student regardless of whether one takes the exam or not. This is also what makes the Grading System very different from a belt system that other martial arts systems use.

The STQI Grading Exams plays a crucial role for students because it helps one set annual and semi-annual goals for training and achievement. It also helps one to understand how to progress oneself more effectively.

Above: Shi Chang Chuan (one of the judges for the exams) congratulating the grading participants for their hard work and bringing their best to the exams; and to train even harder to up their skills for the next level

The STQI Grading Exams is important for the school because it establishes standards for its instructors and assistants who are required to take the exams.

Above: Andrew, Rose, and Luka performing a perfectly synchronized routine of the Tong Bi Quan form for Shi Fu Guo Song during the opening ceremonies

Above: Daniel receiving a certificate for traditional Shaolin Qi Gong Grade 1

Above: Steven and Bojan receiving certificates for Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu Grade 1, and Steven with an additional certificate for Gentle Kung Fu Grade 2

Above: Mei-Mei, Raphael, Alexander, Max, and William receiving certificates for Children’s Shaolin Kung Fu Grade 1

Above: Mei-Mei, Raphael, Alexander, and William receiving certificates for Children’s Shaolin Kung Fu Grade 2

Above: Izab, Ro, Andrew, Luka, Sophie, and Jilei receiving certificates for Shaolin Kung Fu Grade 1

Above: Jilei, Ro, Sophie, Izab, and Andrew receiving certificates for Shaolin Kung Fu Grade 1

Congratulations everyone! The next exams will be held in November. Check out our website for more information: