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Our Village is Safe! | 2014T1

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Our Village is Safe!
Shaolin Way Press
2014T1 Spring (April)

Late last night a patrol team lead by Xavier spotted a wave of vexspawns approaching from the east. Reporting back to the COAN Council quickly, Grand Shi Fu Dao then ordered the clan halls to prepare for a defensive battle.

Shi Fu Rose implemented a strategy to defeat the vexspawns. Clan formations lead by Danny, Edmond, Nikita, and Jack defended the east gates as they strategically funnelled the vexspawns into the outer village grounds. Many vexspawns fell into traps that were earlier devised by Shi Fu Mandee and her teams lead by Maggie, Steven, Stanley, Bobby, and Aiden.

Just as it seemed the vexspawns could not be contained, the remaining vexspawn forces were overwhelmed in a final push by teams stationed within the village walls, lead by Kajsa, Kevin, Alec, and Nathan. It appears not one vexspawn was able to escape.

The east gates and walls were destroyed while homes in the east outer village grounds were damaged. Additionally many of the farm lands and crops were trampled. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. Shi Fu Phil and Shi Fu Omar are already leading a team to restore the homes.

Many villagers reported seeing the vexspawns turning into a cloud of dust as they were being defeated. Some of the brave defenders up front and close with the enemy have reported that the vexspawns temporarily turned into a human before turning into dust. A team of scientists lead by Shi Fu Thuy and Shi Fu MJ are currently investigating.

The villagers are now feeling uneasy. Will more vexspawns be coming tomorrow? How big are the vexspawn forces and do we need to relocate our village? These are serious concerns and we better prepare ourselves for the worst.

Grand Shi Fu Dao concludes the day, “We will not be complacent and will continue to build our clans and train hard. For today, let us not worry further for we have won the battle. Let us instead rejoice at our unified strength.”