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New Sanda class in Markham

Barron | 30 March 2015 | STQI Markham | | 0 Comments   

STQI Markham is please to introduce a new Sanda class on Tuesday evenings, taught by a guest instructor, Michele Fantozzi. He is a 4th Dan Black Belt of Kung Fu Wu Shu Sanda, and has spent the last decade teaching Sanda for amateur and pro athletes, and also teaching a Method of Military Fight (MMF) in the Italian Military Army. Michele has won several Gold Medals in national and world Sanda tournaments in Europe and China.

Sanda is also known as Sanshou or Chinese Kickboxing, and is a combat sport which is taught alongside Taolu (forms training). It is a modern fighting match involving strikes, wrestling, and throws, done with protective gear and rules in place to prevent the chance of serious injury.