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New Gong “Surya” at the Shaolin Martial Arts School Donated

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SUCCESS! Thanks to the generosity of several Shaolin martial arts kung fu students (Rose, Mandeep, and Vikram) and funds from the meditation workshop, we now have a gong at the school. This is no ordinary gong as it was manufactured and certified in China as a musical instrument. Rose has been an avid supporter of the Gong Fund and through her perseverance earned the honour to name the gong “Surya”. This fine addition to the school will be used especially for our meditation workshops and street kung fu martial arts performances.

Gong Photo Blog

Surya (Gong) during Ba Duan Gin Qi Gong class

Surya (Gong) in back as the Shaolin Kids frog-leap-race with Dao

One of the first photos taken of Surya (Gong) by Rose

Surya (Gong) during Shaolin Kung Fu Fitness class

Surya (Gong) accompanying Justin training Ma Bu horse stance just before Shaolin Kids class

Surya (Gong) during Wing Chun class

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