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New Classes for 2013 Term 1!

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With the New Year upon us, we look forward to a growing community of Shaolin students and even more programs activities!

Spoken Mandarin Classes on Sundays at 11am


If you are interested in learning Mandarin (especially if you are considering joining us in 2014 to visit the Shaolin Temple in China!), consider joining our Spoken Mandarin classes for adults every Sunday at 11am for one hour. It is an introductory course and learning will be progressive for future terms (including learning to read and write Chinese). The program of 13 classes is $130 + study materials for STQI Members.

Sanda Specialization Classes on Wednesdays at 6pm


For those who want more sparring or be in a competitive environment, Chinese Boxing or Sanda will be of great interest. Sanda includes punches, kicks, wrestling, and take downs. This class is already included with the unlimited kung fu fitness and practical class for $385 or students may opt to sign up for Sanda only for $285.

Intermediate Qi Gong on Saturdays at 12pm


The Intermediate Qi Gong classes are newly restructured and will now run continuously throughout the term (13 classes) on Saturdays at 12pm for 45 mins. Students are required to sign up for regular Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong (any day or unlimited) in order to take this class for an extra $75. Students will have also previously completed 1 term of regular Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong. In this program, students will learn to circulate qi throughout their bodies as well as learn the slow qi form of the famous Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan. Students may then consider competing in traditional internal arts competitions.