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Multiple Sclerosis and Shaolin Qi Gong / Chi Kung Case Study

admin | 31 January 2012 | STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   

Claudia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) more than 10 years ago. She describes her ordeal, “During those 10 years, I have experienced many symptoms like tingling, leg stiffness, and pain in limbs on a regular basis. I also had what they call irritable bowel syndrome which gave me diarrhea for a whole year and I felt terribly sick most of the time. I had no appetite and I lost a lot of weight.”

But today Claudia is completely free of her symptoms! She explains, “I am proud to say that I am symptom free now and I can eat whatever I want providing of course, I still eat healthy most of the time which is, I believe what everybody should do anyway.”

“What did I do to become symptom free of MS?” she asks. “Well the first step to is to take responsibility for your own health and believe that your disease CAN be cured. While my success to recovery can be attributed to many things, I can tell you that Shaolin Qi Gong has been a tremendous help.”

Claudia then explains further that, “I have been doing Shaolin Qi Gong on a regular basis for about 5 months and since then my symptoms have completely disappeared for the first time in 10 years. I feel more energetic and alive. The deep breathing exercises of Shaolin Qi Gong have already done wonders on me so I can only imagine how I will feel in another year! I feel like I’m a new person.”

Instructor Dao at the STQI Toronto school in downtown area offers some insight, “One of the key principles behind Shaolin Qi Gong is to improve oxygen intake and blood circulation, and thereby allow all the cells in your body to operate at peak levels. Without oxygen, your cells cannot synthesize with carbohydrates and fats, and therefore would not be able to extract the energy they need to perform its individual functions. By practicing Shaolin Qi Gong, you would give your body its best chance to heal on a daily basis.”

Claudia concludes, “I highly recommend you try Shaolin Qi Gong if you suffer from MS or any other so called ‘disease’ that makes you think you are doomed to a life of suffering. Do NOT believe that and give Qi Gong a try!”

Finally we ask Instructor Dao his opinion on Shaolin Qi Gong as a cure for multiple sclerosis. He comments, “I cannot guarantee that Shaolin Qi Gong will cure multiple sclerosis, and furthermore it would be difficult and expensive to prove in a scientific research project because so there are many other factors in play, such as the overall health of the person, the person’s ability to learn, and the person’s persistence in daily practice and practicing correctly. What I can tell you though, is that Shaolin Qi Gong is a gentle exercise that anyone can do, even lying in bed or sitting in a chair if necessary. Through daily practice one can learn to increase oxygen intake, increase the body’s ability to heal itself, and therefore improve overall health.”

His final food for thought is, “I cannot see anyway that Shaolin Qi Gong can prevent you from recovering from illness, and on the other hand it has helped so many people… Isn’t it worth a try?”