Master Shi Guo Song



  • 34th generation Shaolin Warrior Monk
  • 7th generation Shaolin Fo Han Boxing Master
  • 6th Degree Expert (Dan) as acknowledged by the Chinese Wushu Association (The Chinese National Althetics Administration)

Master Shi Guo Song began learning martial arts at the age of six and was accepted into the Shaolin Temple at the age of thirteen. He is one of the Ten Famous Arhats (Top Temple Guards) in the Shaolin Temple and held the post of Chief Coach of the Shaolin martial arts monk group.

Under Master Shi Yong Ding, he studied Shaolin Kung Fu and under Master Shi Sheng Ci, he studied Buddhism. Master Shi Guo Song has been trained in martial arts for over 25 years and has mastered many different martial arts styles, including Shaolin boxing and weaponry. He has been invited to visit over twenty foreign countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Korea, America and Germany to perform martial arts for cultural exchange.

1995 he won the championship of male sword in China North and SouthShaolin Wushu (martial arts) Competition.Visited Canada with Martial Arts Monk group and participated in the multicultural function to perform Martial Arts in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton  and Vancouver
1996 he founded the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Deng Fong,Henan, China
1997 he was invited by the Japan Shaolin Quanfa (boxing) Association to participate in their 50th anniversary for martial arts exchange
1998 he embarked on a tour of Italy to teach martial arts
1998 he was awarded one of “Shaolin Ten Greatest Martial Arts Boxing Style” Boxer and was given the title of “Shaolin Eighteen Luohan (Arhat)” by the Shaolin Temple (China)Invited to join TV learning Video Production of “Shaolin Ten Greatest Martial Arts boxing style-Mei Hua Quan”.Helped in editing the book ” Shaolin Temple tradition Wushu Encyclopedia”
1999 he won the Gold Prize for male boxing in the Wushu (martial arts) World Tournament in Canada
2001 he was awarded the champion of the China Dengdian Cup National Shaolin Martial Arts Contest in male Boxing and Cudgel Playing
2002 he was validated as a qualified wrestling coach by National Athletic Bureau in China
2003 Lead Shaolin Martial Arts Monks in Malaysia to perform Martial Arts for Chinese School Fundraising.
2004 he was awarded the championship for the First World Traditional Wushu (martial arts) Festival in male boxing and 2nd runner up in Cudgel PlayingBecame the Abbot of “China Songshan Shaolin temple” in San Francisco U.S.A and founded the “Shaolin Foundation” in San Francisco U.S.A
2005 the Government of San Francisco proclaimed May 12th as “Master Guo Song Day” in San Francisco, U.S.A.
2007 April– He has been invited by US Alonzo King Lines Ballet to participate the opera “Long River High sky”  This was the first time Chinese Shaolin Martial Arts fused with Ballet. And the performance in San Francisco resulted with great success.
2007 June– he has been invited by Canada, City of Markham, Federation of Chinese Canadians in Markham and Association Of Progressive Muslims of Ontario to perform Shaolin Martial Arts in the event 5th Anniversary of Taste of Asia
2007 July– invited by city of Markham Government to perform Shaolin Martial Arts in National Day
2007 November- he founded the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2009 he founded the Shaolin Luohan Temple non-profit and charity organization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2010 June– Lead his students in Toronto to perform in the event 8th Anniversary of Taste of Asia 2010
2011 June– Promote “Children Meditation”, help to further develop of children’s wisdom and enhance the concentration on learning. By this topic, he has been interviewed by Fairchild Television of Toronto, Canada
2013 September– Invited by CBC Television of Canada to take part of a documentary “Master of the City”, to promote Shaolin Tranditional Martial Arts and the spirit of “Chan”
2014 October– Leaded 35 students from Markham, Toronto and Montreal school to compete in the 10th International Shaolin WuShu Festival at ZhengZhou, China. Event attracted 1870 athletes from 63 countries, we have brought over 60 medals back to Canada.