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Martial Arts in Toronto and How To Select a School

admin | 10 May 2014 | STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   


Looking to learn and practice martial arts in Toronto? Certainly there are a lot of options in this rich cultural city. With so much to offer how does one compare and determine the most suitable martial arts?

We think the best way is for one to try a class from a variety of martial arts schools. Whether it be Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Aikido, Tai Ji, Wing Chun, Kung Fu, or Shaolin Kung Fu, there is one or maybe several that would suit you well!


Here are some things to consider:

1. School environment: Does the school have the type of people you would want to associate with?
2. School instructors: Does the school have expert instructor(s) that genuinely want the best for you?
3. Classes offered: Does the school offer classes with benefits that you are looking for?
4. School facilities: Does the school have adequate facilities?
5. School philosophy: Is the school’s philosophy compatible with yours?


Searching for the right school is not an easy task and will require you to do your homework. If it doesn’t work out for you then you can always try another. Good luck!