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Mandarin Workshop 103 Food and Dining | October 25, Sunday 5pm to 7pm

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DATE: Sunday, October 11th, 2015
TIME: 5pm to 7pm
FEE: $25+HST
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This is a two hour workshop that begins with learning the PINYIN system for 30minutes followed by learning vocabulary related to eating, food, and dining.

The PINYIN system is the basis for learning to speak Mandarin using English phonetics and with it one can learn additional vocabulary using Chinese dictionaries that use the PINYIN system. Participants will be able to learn and practice proper pronunciation.

All our Mandarin Workshops are great for anyone who wants to learn the Chinese Mandarin language and requires no prior experience. They are designed as standalone workshops where PINYIN is always taught and practiced for 30 minutes before learning themed vocabulary.




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