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Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie, Rainbow Cinemas, and Shaolin!

admin | 30 January 2016 | Shaolin-Kids-Downtown-Toronto, STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   


Kung Fu Panda 3, Rainbow Cinemas, and Shaolin – what do all three have in common? Dao Shi, the Chief Instructor of the downtown Toronto school, was invited to teach kung fu to the lucky kids that got to see this great movie on opening day at the Rainbow Cinema Market Square. Kids learned about some of the Shaolin Virtues such as Perseverance, Respect, Focus, and strive. How did Po become so strong? He persevered through his training (granted he needed a little food encouragement) and he stayed (relatively) focused. The kids got the chance to demonstrated perseverance through the tough horse stance (ma bu) training for over a minute. Well done!

Thank you to Rainbow Cinema Market Square for having us there.