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Kid’s Care on Valentine’s Day | Saturday, February 14, 5pm to 10pm

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What: Kid’s Care
Who: Children from 5 to 13 years old
When: Saturday, February 14th, 2015, 5pm to 10pm
Where: Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute, 198 Spadina Ave (basement), M5T 2C2
Fee: $5 per hour per child, 2 hour minimum, $20 minimum for guests

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Life is busy! Couples with children don’t get to spend much quality alone time together and children just don’t prefer to be left home with a babysitter. So this Valentine’s Day, leave your kids safely with us, knowing that they will have fun while learning the Shaolin Virtues of respect, focus, leadership, perseverance, strive, and compassion. Instead of hiring a babysitter, our environment offers children the opportunity to play and have fun together while doing activities that train their mental and physical fitness.

Activities during our 5 hour maximum Kid’s Care include physical exercises where no martial arts experience is needed. For example, simple and effective Shaolin martial arts drills, indoor soccer, dodge ball, team ‘obstacle course missions, etc.

When children respect the school and the rules, they are rewarded during resting times for watching children’s movies and playing video games projected on a large wall.

To challenge them mentally, we play board games and trivia games so that kids can learn various Shaolin virtues and how to apply them anywhere in life and at home.

Please click here for the online registration form