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Fun and Fitness at the Shaolin Retreat

admin | 15 July 2013 | STQI Toronto | | 0 Comments   

It was a fantastic week and we couldn’t have gotten better weather as over 30 people joined us for an incredible week of relaxation and fun!

Participants of Part 2 of the retreat on the weekend learned and practiced ancient Shaolin qi gong and kung fu. It was a great turnout as the Markham, downtown Toronto, and Laurentides schools along with their family and friends enjoyed this segment of the retreat together.

Participants included beginners and advanced students, and children and adults. All had the opportunity to participate in sunrise qi gong, kung fu, and meditation sessions. Apart from learning Shaolin skills, all the participants enjoyed various activities including caving at the Warsaw Caves Conservation.

It was great to have so many kids join us this year! They certainly added a new dimension of entertainment 🙂 We hope you will join us next year!