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The Six Shaolin Virtues

The Shaolin Virtues are a set of six core principles and ideas that can be applied universally, whether at home, work, or school. These six Shaolin Virtues are briefly described below: Shaolin Virtue of Focus To concentrate one’s energy... Read More »

Why Join Our Meditation Workshop on Sunday, December 4th?

Our meditation workshops are lead by traditional Shaolin Disciple Dao Shi. They are designed to benefit people of all skill levels and backgrounds. Experience is not necessary and we have a progressive method of practice. For newcomers, you’ll learn... Read More »

STQI Toronto at the Canadian National Kung Fu Championships 2016 October 22nd

The 27th Annual Canadian National Kung Fu Championships was held in Markham today, drawing traditional kung fu competitors from various schools including our downtown Toronto STQI school. We had the pleasure to join up with the STQI Laurentides school... Read More »
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Fall Term Begins with Significant Student Base Growth

This term we continue to see a trend in the growth of our student base. We have new students in every class including kids kung fu, adult Shaolin kung fu, qi gong, and Gentle Kung Fu. So far we... Read More »
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Chinatown Festival Shaolin Martial Arts Performance Summary Videos

Here are some short videos under 2 minutes showcasing our 1.5 hour demonstration at the Chinatown Festival a few weeks ago: Dao Shi Performing Traditional Xiao Hong Quan Kids & Family Kung Fu Performances Adult Kung Fu & Qi... Read More »
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Other aspects of Balance in Guangzhou Wing Chun

-“Gung” training – building one’s energy reserve/foundation (self practice), vs -Technique Application training (partner drills/sparring). Modern martial arts training these days puts a great deal of emphasis on sparring techniques, ie blocking or dodging an incoming attack, and in... Read More »
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Fall Term Begins Tomorrow

The summer term ended with a blast as students from as little as 3.5 years old to as senior as 70+ years performed outdoor on stage at the Chinatown Festival.  Our demonstration lasted over an hour and featured family... Read More »
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Family Kung Fu Featured at Chinatown Festival

Our school now provides programs for families to train and grow together. For the first time, families are able to to perform publicly. Above and below, we showcase a few families from our school that performed at the Chinatown... Read More »

STQI Performance at the Chinatown Festival 2016

Thank you to all our wonderful students that contributed to our very successful demonstration today! The seats were empty just before we began and suddenly there were hundreds of people drawn in to watch us perform. For the first... Read More »
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Instructor applications are now accepted for the fall term

Our downtown school is rapidly growing and we are looking to offer a lot more classes next year. We cannot do that without your help. So if you aspire to expand your learning and experience, to help the school... Read More »
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