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ADHD Energetic Children Programs

Welcome to our latest program to assist parents with children classified as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Since our program does not view ADHD as a disorder, we prefer to call our program the “Program for Energetic Children”, and thus we strive to have classes that are challenging, fun, encouraging, and supportive (please understand we added ADHD in the title of this page so that you would be able to find your way here). Energetic Children do not fit into the standard programs at school and this causes conflict that ultimately hurts Energetic Children and families. It is our goal to help Energetic Children learn to focus and outlet their energy through static and physical concentration games and activities while learning to understand their own energetic nature.

This is a program in development and we encourage you to sign up for our waiting list so that we may have the resources to run this program.

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How Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts Can Help Children Classified as ADHD

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Program for Energetic Children Sign up Form

If the online form does not appear below, please e-mail us instead at Loading… Read More »
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