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A Masterful Demonstration of Shaolin Iron Cloth Qi Gong

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14th World Congress of Qi Gong at Ryerson Theatre on May 25, 2012

Master Shi Guo Song, his STQI students from Markham , who we lovingly name “Shaolin Kids”, and Shi Chang Dao from the downtown Toronto school came together to perform Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Iron Cloth Qi Gong at the 14th World Congress on Qi Gong at the Ryerson Theatre last week on May 25th, 2012.

Here Shi Chang Dao is performing the famous Shaolin hand form named Seven Star Fist along with the Shaolin Kids.

Master Shi Guo Song prepared for the Iron Cloth demonstration by channelling his qi to protect various parts of his body. Our emcee, Ivy Lee called up several audience members to participate in the first demonstration.

The volunteers punched and kicked Master Shi Guo Song in various parts of the body that would have otherwise broken bones.

The next part of the demontration involved 1 1/4 inch wooden dowels. His disciple, Shi Chang Dao proceeded to hit Master Shi Guo Song in the stomach, back, arm, and leg. Each stick exploded on contact. Shi Chang Dao describes the feeling, “It was the first time I had the priviledge to perform this with Si Fu. I have to swing fast and on contact, it’s like hitting something soft and an instant moment later it hardens and the stick explodes! In case you’re wondering about the strength of the sticks, I tried it on myself earlier and it hurt and the stick did not break either!!!”

For the finale, Master Shi Guo Song grabbed 2 metal plates for a combined .4″ of solid metal. With a short preparation, he then proceeded to smash it on his head, breaking both metal plates at once. Examination of his head after the performance showed no signs of physical damage. No bruise, no swelling! How is this possible? That is the power of qi…

Thanks to Joyce Lee-Elias and Tracy Quach for the photos!

Watch the Iron Cloth Qi Gong Demonstration on YouTube!

Watch as Master Shi Guo Song demonstrates the Shaolin Iron Cloth Qi Gong technique. By channelling his energy he can make different parts of his body impervious to attacks that would otherwise break bones. Near the end of the video, Master Shi Guo Song breaks two pieces of metal on his head (about .4 inches thick) without any physical indication of damage.

Video credit: Joyce Lee-Elias